Straighten Up Lil’ Soldier

Slouching, leaning, and drooping are few problematic postures on the metro…and at the office…and everywhere else. Reminds me to make an appointment with my awesome chiropractor. It also reminds me to keep a good posture for its advantages:

  • Prevent muscle aches and fatigue
  • Ensure proper breathing (oxygen to the body!!)
  • Maintain a good appearance
  • Avoid future health complications such as an abnormal permanent position (aka hunchback)

And here’s a quick tip to start the week off right:

Wrong –> Correct

Bring the object (phone or book) to eye level instead of drooping your head. Do not bring your shoulders forward.


Ignore the frizz 😉 Phone at eye level

Photo credit: Tochi (model) & Brandon (instagram @bandobreeze)


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