Who’s Got The Herb?

herb3After work, my co-worker and I had herbal lemonade from the local farmers market’s urban+ade in DC. Perfect for a hot summer day– so yummy and refreshing! It prompted an investigation for more recipes. These recipes are so simple and a great healthy sipping choice.

Seriously, the best things in life are gifted by mother nature! Basil, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme have antioxidant and therapeutic properties. It delivers digestive, nervous, endocrine and immune (just to name a few) system benefits. Let HERBS be thy medicine.

Of course, it’s been known for centuries that herbs are great remedies and why not add a little yummy twist to make it an herbal lemonade or tea… all year round, lol. So Joan and I made herbal lemonade (freshly squeezed lemons) with berries. I added rosemary, sage, thyme and honey. Joan added basil, mint and rosemary:

And on a kinda-related note:


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