With Mad Men being over 😦 and The Walking Dead (TWD) on a brief hiatus, I thought tuning to Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) would be comforting to a TWD fan. It’s entertaining to watch the apocalypse evolve… “How it all started.” There are still unanswered question(s): if the zombie microbe incubated everyone, why dying people (without bitten) did not “zombify” until now? Maybe the science-fiction will be addressed as the show progresses. The acting is okay– most intense acting is by the dude going through meth withdrawals, one of the main characters, whoops! Totally engaged in the suspense and spookiness of the show, however, can I afford to be emotionally attached to a new set of characters in the apocalypse? Haha. I might not have the time nor the DVR space (?) once TWD season 6 rolls around next month; the little bit of leisure I have, it will be watching TWD. I will always be loyal to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, ya’ll.

Speaking of studs, while I patiently wait for TWD season 6, I found myself binge-watching People of Interest starring Jim Caviezel. An action drama about a team saving lives of those involved in impending crimes, using artificial intelligence, “the machine.”  It starts with single cases and later, one discovers that a lot of these cases are related. It traces back to one clever villain. The suspense leaves the audience hooked! Flash-backs of the characters’ past also keeps it interesting. Not all revealed, just a tease. Still on season 1 and loving it! Because it’s half-way through season 1, no major character dynamics are noted. Jim Caviezel plays the ‘hero.’ Almost like a comic book hero, where he is at the crime scene before the authorities (most of the time). All I know is that if it was not 1 AM right now, I would be watching the next episode or writing a more thorough analysis!

Hmmm…Jim (Cavi)ezel… Henry (Cavi)ll…Weird. Am I attracted to these men because I subliminally relate their last names? Ha, maybe not. Just thought it was funny.





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