Bubby’s Circuitry

“As we grow and learn, we reduce the number of connections in our brain and instead focus on smaller number of stronger connections. As we learn to read, the circuits get carved to interpret the squiggles on a page. The connections go from being universal to being specific. The links you do not use, you lose. Over the course of childhood, circuitry is wired up according to experience – interaction of environment.” – David Eagleman

Watching Samson grow and interact with the environment is so fascinating. I love his concentrated look while building with legos. And he knows to return the toys to the toy box.  “Monkey see, monkey do.” Recently, he discovered the “fun” in laundry, helping me transfer it from washer to dryer or from floor to basket. He is so sweet helping momma… all while learning about responsibility too! Here, his energy is mellow and focused. I’m a proud momma!

When I read to him, identifying characters comes smoothly to him. “Where’s the fishy, baby?” He knows where to find the fishy on the following pages of The Cat in the Hat. His memory and problem solving skills are very sharp, as well as sensory and motor skills!

He loves throwing a baseball fast with such a strong arm and great coordination. This is further reinforced when I chase after him as he explores. It’s difficult keeping up with his high amounts of energy and excitement, however, I enjoy it.

Running around naked is one of his favorite things to do around the house. That is okay if we don’t have an agenda, but he likes doing this in the mornings before work OR after he had a poopie diaper. I have to clean him before he runs around with a stinky and dirty butt! Somehow I manage to clean him up in 30 minutes!? That’s a long time struggling with a strong toddler, Samson.

I wonder how this is going to change once he hits the “terrible twos,” which is 10 months from now but I’m already kind of nervous. According to neuroscientist, David Eagleman, “By age two, a typical neuron has a more than 15, 000 connections- almost twice as many found in an adult.” No wonder! I may have to rely on Red bull!

Hopefully, I’ll have a lot more fun activities for Samson to utilize his full potential for learning and developing stronger motor skills. Experts’ advice parents to introduce two year old toddlers to more tactile materials such as musical toys, restock books, and to expose them to new environments. Well… I guess he’s a step ahead since he’s already been introduced to all that. He’s so smart. 🙂


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