Math G

I cannot be more proud of my smart baby: As a two-year-old, he is already computing mental math. Very simple mental math. A TWO-YEAR-OLD.

On our way to the grocery store, I need his assistance for fun, “Baby, help me remember our grocery list: yogurt, strawberries, and eggs. How many items did I list?” He responds quickly with the correct answer, “three!”

Once we are at the grocery store, I have him recall the list, he may remember only 2/3, but hey, his mental math is sharp and that also exercises his memory. I love giving him simple exercises that are incorporated into everyday things.

Today, as a three-year-old, I give him another math problem with his crackers (that he loves so much). I hand him two crackers and he says “I don’t want two crackers, I want five!” This is the perfect opportunity for a little arithmetic exercise.

“If you have two crackers right now, and you want five, how many more do you need?” This time I use my fingers to help illustrate this problem. Again, he answers correctly, “three!” We use subtraction there. I continue to ask “So… three plus two equal?” Quickly he responds, “five!” This time without an illustration.

He seems to enjoy these little math problems and I really cherish these opportunities around the house to exercise and strengthen his skills.  I am truly blessed with a smart, healthy, and sweet boy! I love him. ❤






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