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My Wild Child

Nowadays, it’s easy for parents to give in to iPads, phones, or any other source of technology to distract or placate the little ones. This is what may be ‘screen time.’ I am guilty of resorting to this too, however, I like to have it as the last ‘educational-show/game’ option, if  I need to quickly prepare food,  calm him in public (or in the hospital, like last week). This is where, as parents, our patience is tested but also a reminder to teach the little ones to take control of their own emotions and enjoy the things outside of the little addicting device.

I am consciously trying to spark his curiosity even though he naturally explores it himself. Whether he is indoors playing, helping me clean or cook, there are plenty of activities to keep him occupied, while learning something new and using his colorful imagination. Outdoors, anything and everything is a playground to explore. (You should have seen him at the beach! He was fascinated by the ‘agua!’)

Now, the car is a common place where kids have screen time. (Recall mini-vans with flat screens?) In the car, I encourage Sammy to observe his surroundings. He will spot an airplane or any object of interest, miles away… probably above a normal visual threshold. Or he will count cars and tell me the colors he observes.

The other day we were on the road as the sun was setting. He shouts ‘sun setting momma.’ As the sun fades in front of us, he asks ‘where it go?’ and found myself giving him a lesson on earth science and Copernicus, ha! Most times, he is listening and watching so closely that he will repeat mommy’s bad word that slipped amid road rage. “Fak??”

I learned a lesson there myself. He knew it was not good to repeat it and continued to distract him with other things passing by. He is very smart and curious, my baby!

Sure, he may be curious about technology too! Technology (phones, iPads, laptops, etc.) introduce him to a lot of learning material and it is just a matter of balancing it out. But the outdoors…the wilderness is the best teacher a child can have for a healthy emotional, physical and mental development. ❤



Reminder from Voltaire: Cultivate Your Garden

Because the last couple of years have been tough, I was not able to cultivate my garden. Thankfully, this spring/summer, I am able to start all over again and yesterday was the perfect day to do so! The soil temperature was auspicious and so was the weather– low-70s, clear skies and sunny. (Mother Nature kinda owed us a beautiful warm day after such random low temperatures in May!)

It was so silly of me not to garden the last two years. Gardening it is so therapeutic! It is a moment in harmony with nature, surrounded by the earthy scent and sound of birdies singing to the ladies, ha. Ralph Waldo Emerson explains it well, “Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us.” I know…it is only a small garden in my front yard, not the wilderness, but it is a small part of nature that I am able to nurture. Butterflies and hummingbirds will soon be able to nurture my dahlias too, hopefully.

This year I planted “Sweetheart” and “Decorative” mix dahlias, comprised of Trengrove Jill, Alva Supreme Figurine, Glorie Van Heemstede, and Porcelain, just to name a few. (I will be posting pictures when they start to bloom.) In addition to the fertilizer, I added to my plants the very talented fungi, Mycorrhizae. It colonizes the roots and increases the plants’ absorption of water and nutrients. This also increases plants’ survival (by promoting healthy roots) and improves the quality of the soil. Symbiosis! God’s beauty right there! 😉

This is a very expensive ounce of Mycorrhizae!

My dahlias in full bloom two years ago. This one I  gave to Joan bone.